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Energen Hybrid Systems


The New Generation Closed Circuit Thermo-Siphon Systems

Energen Elite is among some of the most refined solar water heating system available today.

Sold in several leading European markets - Energen is proud to bring this world-class International product to its most privileged Indian clientele for the very first time.

Energen Elite is exclusively designed to meet the 21st century bathing needs of the luxury home.

Energen-Elite Residential Hot Water Heat Pump

100, 300 & 500 litre capacities


  • Energen Elite maximises your bathing pleasure by delivering the high volumes of hot water demanded by some of he latest hi-tech bathroom fittings.
  • It comes with an all new German flat sheet absorber collector featuring a high quality solar selective coating that absorbs and captures more solar energy than conventional collectors which makes for much faster water heating; even in diffuse or overcast conditions.
  • The most advanced opaque prismatic solar glass delivers better performance even in cloudy weather.
  • The latest European laser welding techniques give superior heat transfer.


  • Energen Elite's unique double coat glass enamelled tank protects it from the corrosive effects of hard water to withstand India's harshest water conditions.
  • The closed circuit system helps protect the system from scaling and blocking of the collectors which is the most common cause of system failure.
  • A premium magnesium sacrificial anode internally protects the tank from corrosion ensuring a longer service life for the entire system.


  • Energen Elite's screw-less collector is fitted with stylish translucent glass to give a discrete and modern European look.
  • The internal expansion tank and compact piping minimise the impact on the architectural design of your home.
  • Easy mounting for sloped roofs makes it suitable for every style of architecture.
  • The attractive low profile slimline design ensures a pleasant and positive visual impact


  • Energen Elite's robust tank ends are designed for easy handling and safe installation.
  • Energens' colour coding system for hot and cold water makes for easy identification.


  • Energen Elite comes with the comfort and peace of mind of a full 10-year manufacturers warranty


  • Energen Elite comes with high quality safety valves at inlets and outlets to ensure safe and reliable operation
  • Its robust stand design can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h.


  • Energen Elite's unique glass-enamelled tank keeps your water cleaner by preventing corrosion and the build-up of bacteria.
  • Stainless steel interconnects ensure the clean transfer of water.


  • Energen Elite is the only product manufactured in India to have the prestigious Solar Keymark, globally the highest standard of quality certification in the solar industry.
  • Energen uses only the highest quality components in all of our systems in compliance with several international quality and safety standards.