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Energen Hybrid Systems

Pump Stations, Solar & Heat Pump Controllers

Energen uses the very best and latest design in control technology for every solutions that is offered.

  • Solar controllers for precise monitoring and control of the solar circuit and state of art heat pump controllers for automatic and tandem heat pump operation.
  • The controllers are designed for maximising solar gain while limiting the boost as per the demand and requirement.
  • All controllers are BMS and BAS compatible with options for online and real time remote monitoring.

Pump Stations

Pump Station

Circulating pump:

  • Wilo ST 15/6 ECO or 15/7 ECO,
  • Wilo Stratos TEC ST 15/1-6 (HE pump)
  • Safety valve: 6 bar
  • Pressure gauge: 0 ... 10 bar
  • Flowmeter: 1 ... 13 l/min
  • Non-return valves: Opening pressure 20 mbar, openable

Connection to diaphragm-type expansion vessel:

  • ¾'' ET, fl at sealing
  • Outlet safety valve: ¾'' IT
  • Connections to the solar pipes: ¾'' IT
  • Maximum temperature: 95 °C
  • Maximum pressure: 6 bar
  • Medium: Water with max. 50 % glycol

Pump Stations, Solar & Heat Pump Controllers

approx. 430 × 223 × 193 mm (with insulation)
Distance centre / wall: 67 mm

Fittings: brass
Seals: EPDM / AFM 34
Insulation: EPP foam

The RESOL Delta Sol® BS and Delta Sol® C controller series for standard solar thermal systems provide a clear operating concept and are equipped with an illuminated combined display with system-monitoring. Adjustment and control of the solar system can be effected quickly and easily.

The RESOL Delta Sol® CHE is designed for the control of a high-efficiency pump via a PWM output.