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Energen Hybrid Systems

Energen Products

Efficient & Cost Effective Hybrid Heat Pump & Solar Hot Water Products

Our high quality, high performing integrated systems are driven by the requirement; solution oriented, with various options, flexibility in options and ease of installation. Each individual product series is manufactured aiming at the highest efficiency for practically any size of installation:

  • Industrial sized projects,
  • Apartments and hotels
  • Schools
  • Villas and smaller residential schemes.
Energen-Elite Hot Water Heat Pump

Energen Elite

New Generation Closed Circuit Thermo-Siphon Systems

Energen-Elite Hot Water Heat Pump

Energen Spring

Direct type heating, high efficiency Thermosiphon system

Energen-Elite Hot Water Heat Pump

Energen All-In-One

Indirect type heating, high efficiency all in one heat pump

Energen Heat Pumps

Domestic and commercial, hot water, spa and swimming pool heating applications

EHS P Collector

Thermal Solar Collectors

Rated amongst the top performing collectors in the world today


Enamelled Storage Tanks

Twin and single coil double enamelled Storage Tanks

Pump Station

Pump Stations & Controllers

Precise monitoring and control designed for maximising solar gain