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Energen Hybrid Systems

Energen Hybrid Hot Water System Solutions

Our centralised hot water systems are solution based not product based.

We design and supply a complete centralised hot water system based on your needs. We give options so you can decide what you want, and our systems are modular so they can be expanded for greater capacity.

Our solutions are requirement driven: encompassing design, production of hot water, location, weather conditions, site condition, etc.

We suggest equipment based on all distribution how hot water can be distributed well, understanding piping, circulation system, plumbing, how recovery happens, delivery on a continuous basis, control and manage the system.

Solution Features & Benefits

  • Reliable, durable, energy efficient hot water systems
  • Hot water round the clock
  • Centralised system in one location
  • Low in input power and low electrical load
  • Right system for present life style specially rain showers, tubs etc
  • Can handle pressure
  • Indirect type heating, even if water quality is bad, it can withstand
  • Glass enamel tank for durability
  • Touch screen controls: remote control, wifi enabled systems for customer comfort - programmable to conserve energy while on holiday
  • Value for money in long run
  • Maintenance, servicing and spare parts