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Energen Hybrid Systems

Hot Water Storage Tanks

Energen speciality hot water storage tanks are vitrous enameled, Poly Ethelene lined & Single/Twin coiled & insulated.

  • Hybrid storage of hot water is used on demand and only requires the peak load to be stored plus a safety margin ensuring a continuous supply of piping hot water at all times.
  • The hybrid system design incorporating solar collectors and a high efficiency heat pump guarantees fast hot water recovery around the clock, even after sunset.
  • Energen's storage tank is double enamelled for extra protection and comes with either single or twin enamelled coils for added corrosion protection.
  • The closed circuit fluid passes from the solar collectors and/or the heat pump to heat the water in the tank. This method ensures that the stored potable hot water is not subject to flow limitations during time of peak simultaneous demand (PSD).
  • Conventional solar systems store larger volumes of hot water or even a full days requirement which is subject to increased heat loss, space occupied by the tank and increased weight of the tank.
  • Bulk storage of heat transfer fluid as seen in some inferior designs is limited during times of PSD due to the inability of the heat exchanger to effectively heat the potable water during periods of high volume flow.

Hybrid Solar/Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Storage

  • Construction : High quality S275JR welded steel construction in compliance with DIN 4753
  • Vitreous Enamel: The Vitreous Enamelling in compliance with DIN 4753 standards protects the tank against corrosion. Additional protection is provided by a magnesium sacrificial anode or a
    impressed anode inside the tank.
  • PE Lining: Cross linked Poly Ethelene lining provides best protection against corrosion under any type of working condition.
  • Corrosion Protection : Double coat enamel layer in compliance with DIN 4753 Magnesium sacrificial anode provides additional corrosion protection
  • Heat exchanger : Twin tube double wound heat exchangers of steel tubing
  • Insulation : 500 - 600 litres 50 mm PUR CFC free hard foam 800 - 1000 litres, 90 mm PUR CFC free soft foam shell
  • Auxiliary electric heating : Flange heating capability on all tanks, an adapter flange is required at the base above 800 litres
  • Temperature control : 1 thermometer incl. immersion sleeve art. no.: T 80/100 (500 - 600 litres)

Salient Features:

  • Capacity: 300, 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 liters
  • Pressure rating: 8 Bar rating and tested to 12 bar T
  • Insulation: Choice of PUF, soft foam(aluminised) or rock wool insulation with aluminium cladding.
  • Process Ports: Inlet, Outlet, Heat Pump, Solar,Drain & Circulation Ports.
  • Utility Ports: ThermalSensor Ports, Ports for Thermometer, ARV, PRV, Pressure guage & Pressure guage
  • Transportation & Handling: Lifting hooks provided on top for easy handling, lifting and shifting. Sitable legs for mounting grouting the tank on flat surface

Options & Configurations with Energen Speciality Tanks

  • Solar only Hotwater/preheating
  • Solar with electric boost
  • Heat Pump hot water system
  • Hybrid hot water system solar & heat pump
  • Independent pressure zone operation
  • Common solar & heat pump & tanks under different operating pressures
  • Variable solar & heat pump input


  • Test pressure for the tank is 13 bar
  • All tanks are 100% hydraulically tested
  • The tank is inspected for leaks, physical defects and signs of any permanent deformation while at full test pressure
  • During hydraulic testing the welding is tested using the latest pneumatic optical test method
  • Full test pressure is maintained for 4 minutes after the tank reaches 13 bar
Enamelled Tank diagram
enamelled storage tanks