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Energen Hybrid Systems

Domestic Private Residential Hot Water System Solutions for Homes

Hot Water Solutions for home owners who want a reliable, durable, energy efficient solution.

Client: Private Residence

Residential Bungalow in Bangalore, India

Consultants: Synergy PMC

Data, Assumptions and Design calculations:

  • Number of persons -6
  • Number of bathrooms – 7 (Rain showers+ Body jets+ Bath tub), kitchen
  • Required hot water capacity is 1000 lpd @ 55 deg cent

Hot Water System for Bangalore Bungalow

Solution Provided: Indirect type solar hybrid hot water system

  • 1x 1000 litre glass enamel single coil tank
  • 3x EHS P Collectors (2 sq mt)
  • 1x Standard solar circulation pump (1 Working) with solar controler
  • 2x 5 kw heat pump with inbuilt circulation pump(1 working and 1 standby)
  • 3x 18 expansion tank(solar and heat pump)
  • Plumbing,Installation and Commissioning

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

  • Make: Energen Model: DE46 W/DY
  • Rated heating output 18.5 kW, Input power 3.8 kW
  • Rated Output Water Temperature 28 Deg C, Hot water flow 7.5 meter cube per hour

Hot Water System setup for Bangalore Bungalow