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Energen Hybrid Systems

Why Energen ?

System Design

Energen systems are designed around the daily load, differential temperature required, peak load, time between peaks, area available for collectors, storage tanks, heat pumps and other typical site conditions and requirements. Energens solar hybrid system is a combination of twin coiled enamelled storage tanks (suitable storage device), high efficiency EHS P collectors, high efficiency heat pumps, closed circuit circulation systems, solar and heat pump controllers.


New Generation Closed Circuit System:
The system design is a new generation fully closed circuit system. The collectors and the heat pumps are not exposed to the vagaries of the potable water conditions because no water flows through the collectors or the heat exchanger in a heat pump. The collectors and the bottom coil in the tank form a closed circuit on one side, the heat pump and the top coil forms a closed circuit on the other side. Only closed circuit liquid flows through the collectors and the heat pump. There is no scaling, reduction in performance, requirement of regular de-scaling or regular downtime for repair. This not only ensures long life but also a reliable hot water supply with peak performance year on year.

Energen Product Features and Benefits

New generation fully closed circuit system
System efficiency of > 85%
Storage for peak demand with full recovery between peaks
Double enamel coated steel tank for hot water storage
Twin coil design with bottom coil for solar and top coil for heat pump
CFC free PUF insulation for the Tank
Magnesium sacrificial anode
Process ports for all requirements
Sensor ports at bottom & mid portion
BlueTec collectors with solar keymark
Sputtered Titanium Oxide coating on a flat plate Aluminium absorber
Prismatic, low iron toughened glass
Aluminium frame collectors
Pre-assembled pump station with integrated solar controller
Heat pump as booster and alternative energy source
Close vented system with temperature and pressure relief valves on the cold inlet and hot outlet
Diaphragm type expansion tanks
Food grade Polypropylene closed circuit heat transfer fluid
Modular design
Design flexibility options
Product warranty for 3 years covering parts & labour
Product life span of over 15 years
No scaling, no reduction in performance, minimal maintenance & constant high performance
Very low operating and running cost
Reduced storage, reduced space, reduced cost, adequate recovery from heat pumps, heat pumps also run at night with same efficiency
Excellent corrosion protection with a pressure rating of 10 Bar
Maximize solar gain and limit the heat pump input as per the daily requirement on demand
Provides good insulation with very low heat loss
Added corrosion protection
Cold Inlet, hot outlet, return line, solar supply and return, heat pump supply and return and heating element as standard
Maximize solar gain & limit the heat pump operation for the required boost optimising overall efficiency
High efficiency absorber with free flowing harp array for lower pressure drop across the manifolds.
High absorptive capacity of 96% with low emissivity, better performance and a lower number of collectors required
93% transmittance, low heat absorption and high strength
Corrosion resistant with strength
Safety against over- heating, fill & drain plugs, flow gauge and air separator
High energy efficiency with COP of 4+, precise control of temperature & energy saving
Ensures total protection against over temperature and pressure. Works on mains pressure
Allows for close circuit fluid expansion and contraction without putting strain on the system
Anti corrosive, safe, antifreeze with excellent heat transfer properties
System can be upgraded or capacity expanded to meet any future increase in demand
Tailor made to suit the requirement, space availability and budget
Excellent customer support and after sales service
Low life cycle cost and excellent value for money ensuring customer satisfaction